• Length: 1261 mm
    • Height: 570 mm
    • Panel thickness: 46 mm
    • Insulation thickness: 36 mm
    • Panel weight coated with clinker brick slip:  26 kg/m2


    • Brick slip dimensions: 240x71x10 mm
    • Reaction to fire: B-s1, d0
    • Water vapour permeability: 1,91 kg/(msPa)* 10-12
    • Thermal conductivity of insulation layer λ10: 0,03 W/mK
    • Compressive strength of insulation layer at 10%: 250 kPA


    • Tensile strength of the insulation layer: 200 kPa
    • Shear strength of the insulation layer: 100 kPa
    • Pull through strength of the fastenings: 0,9 kN
    • Linear thermal expansion: 9*10-6

Standard of the product: ETA 08/0306
Certificate: EU certificate of conformity1504-CPD-133/09
Certified body Tallinn University of Technology 08.10.2009


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