Raketerm façade cladding system

About us

We are more than 30 years in the field of construction and for the past 25 years, we have been involved in the development and production of façade systems. The Raketerm facade panel was born as a result of long development work, which includes a lot of work and know-how from Estonian and Finnish researchers.

In over 20 years, about 200,000 square meters of facade products have been installed, with a new outer lining on nearly a thousand different buildings in the Baltics, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

m² facade installed

The Beginning

AS Rake is a construction company established in 1988. Our work history includes dozens of new buildings and hundreds of renovated and renewed social, business, production and residential buildings in Estonia, participation in the renovation of the Astoria Hotel and the Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg, the Priupskbank Building in Jefremov, the office building in Tula and several renewed stores in Moscow and Riga.

Our partners