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What is Raketerm


Raketerm is a cladding facade system of finishing and insulation based on reinforced composite panels with polyurethane foam thermal layer and mineral covered surface. Raketerm is good for external facades and thermal lagging for new and also old buildings. The covering layer of the panels is made of clinker brick slips jointed with cement mortar.

Why Raketerm


good looking, mechanically strong and virtually no maintenance

thermal insulation

efficient foam polyurethane insulation

wind barrier

protects from negative effects of the external environment

Raketerm facade system is


    • “three in one”: stone lining, thermal insulation and wind barrier
    • relatively low extra load on the foundation of the building
    • mechanically strong, does no break or bend when kicked by hand or foot
    • surface layer is heavy-duty, hard to penetrate or scratch
    • products with ventilation solution avoid progressive accumulation of moisture in wall construction
    • requires virtually no maintenance costs while used
    • easily washable, including pressurised and chemical wash
    • easily repaired, damaged brick slip has to be replaced and the surrounding area jointed
    • relatively inexpensive, very good price-quality ratio

Panels are attached to each other with tongue-and-groove joints, thus making the cover protected against humidity and wind.
In normal use and weather conditions, the products do not fall apart, they are odourless and poison-free. They do not contain components that would mould or rot and they do not emit gases that could be harmful to human healt or environment.

Thanks to their lihgtness and resistance, the panels can be used for covering almost every facade of both renovated and new buildings.  Instead of being mounted on the foundation, it is hung on a supporting wall. The panels are screwed in with special clamps or wall plungs to lightweight base frame or directly on the wall, with or without vent.
Product installation is easy and quick and can be done all-year-round.
Facade wall made of our standard product is indistinguishably similar to clean joint masonry.

Product catalogue

Choose a suitable stone for yourself!

We mainly use clinker bricks from Feldhaus, Ströher, Tiiler, and Wienerberger. However, we are also prepared to offer special solutions, dolomite, glazed ceramic tiles. Let us know if you’re interested in special solutions.

Raketerm installation

Details for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


mounting Raketerm on frame PDF
mounting Raketerm on wall PDF
joint mortar user guide PDF

Installation tutorial

Raketerm Brick Cladding System Firetest BS 8414-2


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