Raketerm gives a good start for the students of Valga Priimetsa School

Students of Valga Priimetsa School, who started their school year in a newly renovated building. The historical building at Vabaduse street 13 in Valga, was renovated and adjoined to an adjacent building, thereby adding 1,000 square meters of space in order to meet the students’ needs.  
The ambitious undertaking was a joint effort between the Estonian construction company Rennes OÜ and the Latvian architectural firm Lauder Architects. The result of their collaboration is an upgraded school building that is more modern and more spacious.

Raketerm played a crucial role in the overall success of the project, attaching 280 m² of protective and visually enhancing external cladding facade. Of the six variants we offer, the architects opted for the Feldhaus-Klinker stone slab Sintra R658.