Raketerm covered apartment houses in Rocca al Mare.

Two apartment houses near Tallinn, on the coast of Kopli Bay, in the area of Rocca al Mare. Merirahu 2 built in 2006 and Merirahu 4 in 2012

Architects: Rein Murula, Marti Kahu, Karl Koosa

  • m² of façade
  • Brick slips Ströher KERAPROTECT 420 aalsmeer

“Durable clay brick has been intrinsic to building culture for centuries. The Raketerm façade system is lightweight, forms a whole with  the building’s insulation system, is not very thick or expensive. Considering the planning constraints, the thickness is a crucial factor because compared to a traditional brick wall, about 5% or even more is saved inside the building. Moreover, to the untrained eye, it still
looks like a brick wall.”

Rein Murula