Raketerm façade system is now BBA certified!


More than 2 years ago, we submitted our façade system for certification to the British Board of Agrément, the most recognized certification body in Europe.

Especially after the 2017 fire in Grenfell Tower, the agency distributes certificates with the utmost care, preventing them from being revoked by the national supervisory authorities.
The situation has been aggravated by the spread of the coronavirus, which has made international administration and information exchange even more time-consuming.
As a result of years of numerous product tests in Estonia, Finland and the UK, we were able to meet the high standards set for the façade system in the United Kingdom and earn BBA Agrément Certificate 20/5826. The document confirms that Raketerm is a safe product that meets very high-quality standards.

Although this information is very fresh all product sheets covered by this certificate will be ready to display on our website shortly in the order they have published in BBA.